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DIACARD GOLD DROPS MADAUS (ADEL) HOMOEOPAHTIC DROPS FOR THE HEART INDICATIONS: The indications are based on the findings obtained with homoeopathic drugs. They include functional heart complaints in general autonomic lability. Ingredients: 100 g of drops contain: Valeriana Q = 1x 5.0g, Aether sulfuricus 1x 13.0g, Aurum chloratum natronatum 4x 3.0g, Camphora 2x 5.0g, Cactus grandiflorus 2x 20.0g, Strophanthus gratus 4x 10.0g, Crataegus Q 5.0g, Other constituents: sucrose, ethanol, purified water Warning: Diacard contains 55% of alcohol by volume. Diacard Gold Drops has been traditionally used by physicians world-wide since 1919, as a convenient supplement for the treatment of: Heart Complaints, Extremely Rapid and Irregular Pulse, Palpitation, Angina Pectoris and Anxiety, Nervous Heart due to emotional upset or stress, Fainting, Fatigue, Heart Throbbing, General Tiredness and Restlessness, Toxic effects of Alcohol and/or tobacco on the heart, Mild to Moderate Hypertension High Cholesterol - Circulatory Instability Weak Heart (it strengthens the heart and helps to maintain the quality of life) Dosage recommendations, mode and duration of use: Unless otherwise directed, adults and children above the age of 6 years should take 20 drops three times daily. Diacard should be taken before meals on some sugar or - especially recommended in the evenings - in 1 tablespoonful of water. Diacard can always be taken when complaints occur. Adverse reactions: No adverse reactions have been reported when used as directed. Original pack of 25 ml of sealed bottle Information taken from company's brochure

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ADEL 18 Glucorect Drop

Information about ADEL 18 Glucorect Drop GLUCORECT Drops (ADEL18 Drops) FOR DIABETES (INCREASED BLOOD AND URINARY SUGAR) INDICATIONS: For treatment of diabetes and promotion of proper regulation of sugar metabolism. The metabolic condition of a patient suffering from diabetes requires both therapeutic and nutritional measures to correct the illness. Along with the patient's strict compliance to a proper diet, therapy must stimulate the body's self-healing powers to prevent arteriosclerotic or even gangrenous developments. Because the illness frequently first appears as adult-onset diabetes, it is also necessary to address initial degenerative developments in the eyes (glaucoma), chronic lymphatic weaknesses, hypertonia, hardening of the liver and rheumatic processes. ADEL 18 (GLUCORECT) drops regulate sugarmetabolism while helping resolve metabolic disturbances that lead to diabetes. INGREDIENTS : Acidum Lacticum 8X, Acidum sulfuricum 4X, Allium cepa 4X, Chionanthus virginica 6X, Phosphorus 12X, Zincum sulfuricum 6X, Stigmata maydis 8X, Syzygium cumini 4X. Acidum Lacticum acts against the weakness of all muscles and polyuria which are important signs for diabetes. This remedy regulates the continued nightly flow of urine by diabetics. It treats eliminates itching sensations and helps balance patients' moods. Acidum sulfuricum treat the dysfunctional psychological condition of a diabetic, such as impatience and hurriedness. This mineral acid is considered an important regulator of the digestive organs, and also treats eczema or itching skin conditions. Allium cepa regulates digestive processes. It helps eliminate flatulence and colics, as well as the hyperorexia and thirst common in diabetics. This substance also addresses weakness of the limbs. Chionanthus virginica treats the liver and pancreas. It also addresses dysfermentation in these organs, as well as resulting colics and gall bladder disruptions Phosphorus is an important regulator of all metabolic processes in the body and helps address acute and chronic illnesses of the digestive organs. It is well known that many cases of diabetes are proceeded by a hepatitis, which may result in a lingering intoxification that either leads to the onset of diabetes or prevents healing of this condition. Zincum sulfuricum as a trace element, zinc affects the function of the stomach, liver and duodenum. It also influences brain function by treating vegetative exhaustion caused by chronic overtaxation and mental fatigue. It also treats the underlying causes of chronic intoxification, blockages of various systems and the waking-sleep rhythm. Stigmata maydis possesses a high silicic acid content to help regulate blood sugar levels. Continuous use expands the effectiveness of the substance against chronic inflammation, as well as exhaustion, memory loss and sclerotic changes that often appear in longterm diabetic illnesses. In addition, it stimulates renal drainage. Syzgium cumini regulates blood sugar levels and contributes to the healing of diabetes. This remedy treating great thirst, chronic weakness, emaciation, large quantity of urine with high specific gravity and diabetic ulcers. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless otherwise prescribed) Adults - 15 to 20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

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ADEL 6 Apo-Strum Drop

Information about ADEL 6 Apo-Strum Drop apo-STRUM drops (ADEL 6 Drops) FOR THYROID PROBLEMS INDICATIONS: For hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, enlarged and dysfunctional thyroid gland. ADEL 6 (apo-STRUM) drops are indicated for treatment of thyroid dysfunction, including hardening or enlargement of the thyroid gland. This remedy also helps treat tachycardia, Graves' disease, toxic adenoma, parenchymous nodular goiter, hyperthyreosis and cardiac conductivity disorder. It is extremely important to diagnose and treat thyroid problems because this condition may eventually lead to more serious illnesses. Causes of thyroid problems may include environmental intoxification, foci in the head area, amalgam intoxification or other stress factors. Thyroid gland dysfunction need not always be accompanied by classic tell-tale signs such as goiter or bulging eyes. Due to modern lifestyles, a latent or mixed form of thyroid dysfunction is common and minor swelling or knots may be barely visible. The most common condition is hyperfunction of the thyroid gland that results from disruption of the sensitive cooperation between hormones and cardiac conductivity. Other factors such as psychological stress can also contribute to thyroid problems. INGREDIENTS: Calcium fluoratum 8X, Conium 12X, Hedera helix 4X, Magnesium carbonicum 6X, Spartium scoparius 4X, Crataegus 4X, Galium aparine 12X, Flor de Piedra 4X Calcium fluoratum reduces the tightness and pressure in the thyroid gland frequently felt by patients with thyroid dysfunction. In addition, it boosts general energy levels and performance abilities. This component also strengthens and improves the tone of the connective tissues, while stimulating sluggish lymphatic function. Conium combats hardening and thickening of the thyroid gland. It hinders increased goiter size, and also addresses nervous weakness, tremors and a general emotional or depressed mood. Hedera helix provides the body with vegetable iodine and enables the creation of two important thyroid hormones, L-Triodothyronin (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Hedera helix also supports intestinal metabolism and regulates heart function damaged by a toxic thyroid condition. Magnesium carbonicum plays a vital regulation role by activating enzymes and immune system function, supporting cardiac activity and acting as a catalyst in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Importantly, it also helps reduce psychic restlessness, as well as pains and infections in all parts of the body. Spartium scoparius helps treat cardiac disorders that frequently accompany thyroid dysfunction, including tachycardia, extrasystole, a feeling of tightness and shortness of breath during physical activity. Crataegus addresses heart and circulatory system problems that frequently accompany thyroid gland dysfunction. These conditions include coronary insufficiency, cerebral vessel insufficiency, high blood pressure, focal myocarditis and heart muscle damage. Galium aparine is the classic preparation for treating glandular swellings, as well as toxic growths of all kinds, including cancerous tumors. In addition, it stimulates liver function, promotes excretion via the kidneys and is highly effective in cleaning the blood of endogenic and exogenic toxins. Flor de Piedra is the classic medication of treating conditions that accompany thyroid dysfunction, such as feelings of pressure and tightness in the gland. It also improves heart, liver and venous circulatory disturbances. A systemic detoxification by this herb plays a key role in returning the thyroid gland back to normal, healthy condition. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless Otherwise Prescribed) Adults - 15 to 20 drops Children - 7 to 10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water Original Packing: 20 ml sealed bottle

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ADEL Alfalfa Tonic with G...

Information about ADEL Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng ALFALFA TONIC (with Ginseng) General Tonic - ENERGIZES VITAL FUNCTIONS INDICATIONS: Alfalfa tonic is homoeopathic composition, which helps rapid development in growing children, faster recovery after illness, sharper memory, increase energy and turns away states of bad nourishment in consequence of having loss of appetite, weak digestion, nervous debility, nervous debility, sleeplessness and loss of weight. INGREDIENTS: Acidum phosphoricum 2x, alfalfa , avena sativa , calcium phosphoricum 6x, China , Cinnamomum , Ginseng , Hydrastis can , Magnesium phosphoricum 6x, Nux vomica 3x. Acidum phosphoricum regulates all kinds of exhaustions after being over-strained. It balanced activities of the digestive organs. It is considered to be the chief remedy in spermatorrhoea and sexual neurasthenia. Alfalfa is well known as a tonic. It regulates loss of appetite and a weak digestion together with nervous irritation. It acts on intestinal mucosa as a laxative and on the epithelia of the kidenys as a diuretic. It improves mental and physical vigour with gain in weight. Avena sativa works against uneasinesscaused by disappointments met in day to day's life. It proves leading minerals and vitamins including pro-vitamin A and E. It is very useful remedy in nervous exhaustion, general debility, nervous palpitation of heart, insomnia and inability to mind upon fixed any one subject. It is especially useful in troubles developed as a result of excessive sexual activities. Calcium phosphoricum helps against the disturbances of growth promotion and swelling lymphatic nodes. It is useful in anaemia after acute diseases and chronic wasting illnesses as also in bone diseases. China is the remedy for unusual weakness as a result of acute or chronic illness, loss of blood and lying in the childbed. It is a well tested homoeopathic ingredient. It is helpful in dyspepsia, acid, heartburn even after milk and no relief from belching gas. It improves digestion. Cinnamomum acts against common weakness, nausea and bleedings in a special manner. Ginseng is an old plant, roborating body, soul and successfully regulates the sexual function. Hydrastis can is a specific plant, acting against mucus memberanes of the organs and all catarrhal problems. It also helps muscular weakness,poor digestion and obstinate constipation. Magnesium phosphoricum is specially used for spastic and neuralgic pains in all parts of the body. It is very useful for tired, languid and exhausted persons.It also removes general muscular weakness. Nux vomica calms incessant floods of stimuli, spastic situations and irritations, irritations of all kinds including irritations of mind, and overstressed nervous situations. It is highly beneficial in digestive disturbances portal congestion and hypochondriac states depending thereon. So the ingredients are pre-eminently the remedies for many of the conditions incident to modern life. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless Otherwise Prescribed) Adults one full tablespoon twice daily Children one full teaspoon twice daily Original Packing: 100 ml sealed bottle

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