Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

Information about Himalaya Baby Massage Oil Himalaya Baby Massage Oil contains Winter Cherry and Olive Oil as major ingredients. The oil is very helpful in improving baby's growth and development. Key benefits/uses of Himalaya Baby Massage Oil: - Winter Cherry: Soothes baby's delicate skin and helps in improving skin tone. - Olive Oil: Enriched with Vitamin E which protects and nourishes the skin. The oil possesses antimicrobial properties which keep the skin infection free and lustrous. It also softens the cuticles and strengthens the nails of the baby. Direction for use: Massage baby's body with Himalaya Baby Massage Oil, preferably half an hour before bath time. Indication: Baby body massage Safety information: - Read the label carefully before use. - Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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Baidyanath Lal Tel Pack o...

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Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampo...

Information about Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil & Chamomile extract. It works to clean & condition baby’s hair, leaving it soft & tangle free. Salient features of Pigeon Gentle Baby Shampoo: Suitable for daily use. Anti-irritant. Suitable for newborn’s. Colour & fragrance free Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. PH balanced.

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Himalaya Babycare Gift Pa...

Information about Himalaya Babycare Gift Pack Himalaya Babycare Gift Pack includes: - Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo (1 unit, 100ml) - Himalaya Baby Massage Oil (1 unit, 100ml) - Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes (1 pack of 12 units) - Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap (1 unit of 75g) - Himalaya Baby Lotion (1 unit of 100ml) - Himalaya Baby Powder (1 unit fo 100g) - Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream (1 unit of 20g) Key benefits/uses: - Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo: Nourish and improve hair's lustre, make them soft. - Himalaya Baby Massage Oil: Helps improve baby's growth and development. - Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes: Used to gently cleanse baby's delicate skin. - Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap: Gently and effectively cleanse and condition baby's delicate skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. - Himalaya Baby Lotion: Protects the skin from infections and keeps it soft and supple. - Himalaya Baby Powder: Help moisturize the delicate skin, keeping it soft all day long. - Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream: Soothes red & irritated skin, promoting effective healing. Direction for use: As directed by the physician. Safety information: - For external use only - Read the label carefully before use - Keep out of the reach and sight of children

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Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash ...

Information about Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream Sebamed baby diaper rash cream contains micronized form of Titanium dioxide which forms the physical barrier over the skin. pH 5.5, micronized form of Titanium dioxide ensures faster recovery as compared to conventional rash creams which contain zinc oxide and pH 7. The high panthenol content promotes skin regeneration and the healing of damaged skin. Natural bees wax ensures optimal hydration of baby's skin. Key benefits of Sebamed baby diaper rash cream: Gentle protection for the delicate baby skin. Provides effective relief from and reliable protection against diaper rash. Panthenol stimulates the healing process. Vernix-related squalane provides the necessary lipid support and protection. Titanium Dioxide forms a protective barrier against aggressive substances, which could cause inflammation. pH 5.5 normalizes the skin pH if it is elevated by occlusion and urine contact and helps protect from harmful microorganisms which can cause super infection of the dermatitic skin. 35% lipid content. Allantoin makes the skin smooth and supple. Clinically proven. The direction of use: Change your baby's nappy 6 or 7 times a day, more often if necessary. Do not put used nappies again, even if they appear to be clean. After every diaper change, apply Sebamed baby diaper rash cream on baby's buttock to avoid rashes & grooves of skin around the genital areas to avoid rashes.

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Tedibar Soap

Information about Tedibar Soap Tedibar is a skin friendly bathing bar. Regular bathing with Tedibar helps restore and retail the skin’s protective mantle. It contains Syndet base Tediabar soap is completely soap free and does not contain any harmful alkali. It has the same pH as that of normal skin (pH 5-6). It is gentle and effectively cleanses deep into the pores, without causing dryness. Tedibar soap stabilizes the biological protective mantle of the skin and keeps it soft, supple and healthy. It has re-moisturizing effect and you can see your baby skin glow in a week. This soap is suitable from birth and has very mild fragrance. The fragrance is pleasant and not overpowering. Use under medical supervision

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