Arthritis & Rheumatism

Bakson Spondy Aid Drops

Properties FormDrops Weight90 (gms) Dimensions3.8 (cm) x 3.8 (cm) x 9.7 (cm) About Spondy Aid Drops A Spondy Aid is useful in treating the diseases of the spine and back. This combination helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of the affected joints. It significantly reduces stiffness and radiating pain associated with Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, thereby improving the ability to function normally. It also reduces muscular spasm and frequency of pain thus restoring the general strength of the body.

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Wheezal Hymusa Syrup

Properties FormSyrup Ingredient BaseHomeopathic Weight575 (gms) Dimensions7.3 (cm) x 7.3 (cm) x 18.8 (cm) WHEEZAL HYMUSA Indications of Wheezal Hymusa Pain & Inflammation of Joints Other Indications of Wheezal Hymusa Pain and Inflammation of Joints Provides relief in sciatica, lumbago Neuralgia and Spondylitis Useful in Myalgias.

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Dr. Reckeweg R30 (Atomare...

Properties FormOintment Weight130 (gms) Dimensions6.8 (cm) x 6.8 (cm) x 6.2 (cm) Indications of Dr. Reckeweg R30 An ointment for the rheumatism of muscles and joints, neuralgias and sciatica. Degenerative processes of the intervertebral discs, osteoarthritis, amputation neuralgias. Paralysis due to stroke, facial paralysis, osteochondritis. Contusions, aching of muscles, sprains. Boils and carbuncles.Do not apply ointment to face except incase of facial paralysis.

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Adven Pain Go Drops

Properties FormDrops Ideal For Ingredient BaseHomeopathic FormShampoo Type Weight110 (gms) Dimensions6 (cm) x 3.4 (cm) x 9 (cm) Indications of Adven Pain Go Drops : Pain Go Drops provide relief in acute and chronic myalgia, sprains and backache. It also treats spondylosis.

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REPL Orthovit Oil

Properties FormOil Weight80 (gms) Dimensions4.3 (cm) x 2.8 (cm) x 10.5 (cm) About Orthovit oil ORTHOVIT oil is a non steroid and inflammatory analgesic indicated in treatment of Morning stiffness, Backache, Joint pain, strain and sprain, Musculoskeletal pain, Osteoarthritis pain, Spondylitic pain, Ear and Nasal pain, Painful Pelvic, Rheumatic pain. Orthovit – An Effective Ayurvedic Pain Reliever & Mobility Restore oil. Muscle Pain Relief oil that is recommended for getting long term relieve from the pain.

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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combinat...

Also known as Bc 19, Bio Comb 19, Bio Comb No 19 Properties Weight75 (gms) Dimensions4 (cm) x 4 (cm) x 7.5 (cm) Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 19 BC 19- Joint and Muscle pain.

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