Vissco Bunion Splint 0729...

Vissco Bunion Splint- 0729 has a moving hinge which provides both rigidity as well as ease of movement. Size: Universal Key features of Vissco Bunion Splint- 0729: This supports and holds the metatarsal and arch area of the foot with a tight fitting band and can be used in the day or night. Made from neoprene rubber it provides softness as well as retains body heat which aids further recovery. Provides rigid support. The fabric is tested for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Uses: Halux Valgus (bunion). Deformity of big toe.

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Tynor D-25 Anklet Comfeel...

Information about Tynor D-25 Anklet Comfeel (Pair) XL Tynor D-25 Anklet Comfeel is a next generation product, to provide mild compression, warmth, and support to the ankle joint. It is used to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis or injury. Knitted on 3-dimensional computer controlled circular looms, it conforms to the complex anatomy of the ankle with exactness. Available sizes: S (7.2"-8.4") M (8.4"-9.6") L (9.6"-10.8") XL (10.8"-12") XXL (12"-13.2") Salient Features of Tynor D-25 Anklet Comfeel: 1. Anatomically shaped and reduced compression on patella for better compression and grip 2. Bi-layered, cotton on the inside, a dermophillic interphase enhances comfort and has better sweat absorption 3. Bilayered, nylon on the outside ensures long life 4. Four-way stretchable fabric with effective compression 5. Two layered with interwoven air space retains body heat effectively.

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Tynor D-32 Walker Boot XL

Information about Tynor D-32 Walker Boot XL Tynor D-32 Walker Boot is designed for rehabilitation after injury, fracture, sprains or surgery of the foot, ankle or lower leg. The boots provide support to the ankle and leg without inhibiting mobility. They can be a substitute for cast or can be used in case of early cast removal. Available sizes:: Child (below 7.2") S (7.2"-8.4") M (8.4"-9.6") L (9.6"-10.8") XL (10.8"-12") Salient features of Tynor D-32 Walker Boot: Offers stabilization of the foot, ankle and the lower leg. Comfortable positioning and protection of the foot. Ensure perfect fit of the leg in the orthosis. Easy removal and application of the product. Allows wound inspection. Allows personal hygiene. Perfect fitting of the product.

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Tynor K-01 Insole Full Si...

Information about Tynor K-01 Insole Full Silicon (Pair) M Tynor K-01 Insole Full Silicone is super comfortable insole with soft relief zones. It reduces the painful shock waves and lightens the load to feet, knees and the spine. Anatomically designed for better comfort and fitting, it provides even pressure distribution throughout. Available sizes: S (34-36) European M (37-39) European L (40-42) European XL (43-45) European Salient features of Tynor K-01 Insole Full Silicone: Made of silicon with the high cushioning coefficient. Next to natural adipose, shock absorption & energy return. Long functional life and is easy to clean and maintain Anatomical and streamlined shape. Ensures better weight distribution reduces peak loading and helps correct body alignment. Reduces strain on ligaments, muscles, and tendons Extra soft spot with focused pain relief. Relieves pressure at the base of the calcaneus Thin Construction, can easily be put into shoes. Convenient and comfortable

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Tynor K-09 Heel Cup Silic...

Information about Tynor K-09 Heel Cup Silicon (Pair) L Tynor K-09 Heel Cup silicon reduces heel pain while the cupped design helps consolidate the fatty pad of the heel to improve the stability and balance of the foot. They include a softer center pad which absorbs excess pressure over the heel. Available sizes: S (34-36) European M (37-39) European L (40-42) European

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Tynor C-08 Cast Shoe XL

Tynor C-08 Cast Shoe replaces the functions of the normal shoe when patient is on plaster cast of the foot. Prevents excessive wear & tear of the cast and reduces the impact on the injured foot. It improves gait of the patient on foot cast. Available sizes: S (34-36) European M (37-39) European L (40-42) European XL (43-45) European Salient Feature of Tynor C-08 Cast Shoe: 1. Made from Light weight and water proof materials. Protects the plaster cast of the foot and prevents soiling of the cast and prevents wetting. Also, prevents wear and tear/ mechanical damage to foot cast. 2. Tapered sole restores normal gait and improves balance of patient on foot cast 3. Hypoallergenic ensures no rash or allergy even to old age patients 4. Helps in early ambulation 5. Hook loop closure system ensures flexible sizing. Easy application and removal of the shoe

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