Akumentis Healthcare Ltd

Acnewar Gel

Dapsone Topical (5% w/w) Primary uses of : Acne

₹ 218.00 incl tax

Acnewar Plus Gel

Adapalene Topical (0.1%w/w) + Dapsone Topical (5%w/w) Primary uses of : Acne

₹ 274.00 incl tax

Act Nvp Tablet

Doxylamine (10mg) + Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) (10mg) Primary uses of : Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

₹ 64.00 incl tax

Adova 1mg Soft Gelatin Ca...

Anastrozole (1mg) Primary uses of : Breast cancer

₹ 247.00 incl tax

Akucef 500mg Tablet

Cefuroxime (500mg) Primary uses of : Bacterial infections

₹ 559.00 incl tax

Akuday Eye Drop

Olopatadine (topical) (0.2% w/v) Primary uses of : Allergic eye disease

₹ 103.00 incl tax