Amron Xamax Coccyx Cushion

Xamax Coccyx Cushion is ergonomically designed and scientifically crafted, Xamax Coccyx Cushion is an easy way to prevent pressure on the Coccyx (tail bone) and the lower spinal region. The unique U - shape cut helps in relieving pressure by not letting the tail bone come in contact with the sitting surface, resulting in comfort to the user. It is ideal for those who suffer from an injury that results in chronic spinal pain and can be used on any seat: car seat, office seat or even at home. Xamax Coccyx Cushion is recommended for obesity, post back surgery, chronic pain conditions, inflammatory pain, a fall onto the tail bone, injury or fracture of the lower spine, and pregnancy. Features of Xamax Coccyx Cushion Relieves pressure on the tail bone. Unique cut-out section, minimizes pressure at the coccyx region Elevated design promotes correct spinal alignment for better posture. Made up of medical grade PU foam.
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₹ 1,050.00 incl tax
₹ 903.00 incl tax