Nitrolen 6.4mg Tablet

Nitroglycerin / Glyceryl Trinitrate (6.4mg) Primary uses of : Chest pain (Angina)
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Expert advice for Nitrolen Tablet Headache (‘nitrate headache’) may occur but should go away after a few days of continued treatment. You may develop tolerance to Nitrolen 6 .4mg Tablet with time, meaning that the same dose may be less effective next time. Follow the prescribed dosing schedule to avoid this. Eat healthy (low-fat, high-fibre, low-sodium diet), quit smoking, limit alcohol intake, increase your physical activity, watch your weight, and reduce stress. Notify your doctor about other medicines (eg. sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil) that you are taking as Nitrolen 6 .4mg Tablet may interact with them and cause a serious fall in blood pressure. This may lead to collapse, unconsciousness and could be fatal.
Composition Nitroglycerin / Glyceryl Trinitrate (6.4mg)
Potentially Unsafe With Alcohol
Side Effect Common Side Effects of Nitrolen are Headache, Lightheadedness.
How to works How Nitrolen Tablet works Nitrolen 6 .4mg Tablet is a nitrate. It works by relaxing the blood vessels which decreases the oxygen demand of the heart and reduces its workload. It thus prevents/treats attacks of angina (chest pain) and improves symptoms of heart failure.