Braingis Tablet

₹ 112.00 incl tax
Braingis Tablet contains L-Methylfolate 7.5mg. L-methylfolate - the active form of folic acid used by your body. This active form of folic acid is proven to be up to 700% more bioavailable than regular folic acid . L-methylfolate is proven to lower levels of homocysteine - an amino acid linked to pregnancy complications. 
L-Methylfolate provides the body with folate which is required by the body to form healthy cells, especially red blood cells. Low folate levels may cause some types of anaemia. L-Methylfolate is used for dietary management of low plasma or low red blood cell folate.

Braingis Tablet is used to prevent and treat low folate levels caused by pregnancy, poor diet, alcoholism, intestinal or stomach problems, liver disease, or kidney dialysis. Braingis Tablet is also recommended to pregnant women to prevent neural defects in new-borns.

Use under medical supervision.