Console Steam Inhalator (Premier) Device

Information about Console Steam Inhalator (Premier) Device Console Premier Steam Inhaler is best for steam inhalations. It opens pores & dislodges grime. It is a personal & friendly equipment for every home, beauty parlours, hospitals, clinics, etc. which produces steam vapors within seconds. Focused steam Inhalation for the treatments of common cold bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, arthritis, nose conditions & throat irritation due to allergies etc. Salient features of Console Steam Inhaler (Premier): Ease of steaming in the comfort of your home It has a comfort grip handle for easy handling It is cool to touch when steaming It is perfect to take with you when travelling Easy to clean after use
Vendor: RK vender
Manufacturer: Console Industries
₹ 975.00 incl tax
₹ 829.00 incl tax