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Tedibar Soap

Information about Tedibar Soap Tedibar is a skin friendly bathing bar. Regular bathing with Tedibar helps restore and retail the skin’s protective mantle. It contains Syndet base Tediabar soap is completely soap free and does not contain any harmful alkali. It has the same pH as that of normal skin (pH 5-6). It is gentle and effectively cleanses deep into the pores, without causing dryness. Tedibar soap stabilizes the biological protective mantle of the skin and keeps it soft, supple and healthy. It has re-moisturizing effect and you can see your baby skin glow in a week. This soap is suitable from birth and has very mild fragrance. The fragrance is pleasant and not overpowering. Use under medical supervision

₹ 121.00 incl tax

Suncote Gel

Suncote Gel is a water base sunscreen that protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays by providing physical and chemical barrier to sunlight. Suncote Gel is a non-comedogenic which protects your skin from harmful rays.

₹ 390.00 incl tax ₹ 363.00 incl tax