Ashvagandharist combines the best natural extracts to boost your brain and nervous system. The stresses and strains of everyday life takes its toll on your mind. Ashvagandharist has relaxant and mild sedative properties. It soothes your mind and nourishes the brain and nerves to help you regain balance. It helps prevent epileptic attacks, cures sexual disorders, weakness and depression. Ashvagandharist is made from herbal and natural extracts and has no side effects. Don't let anxiety and stress hold you back. Take Ashvagandharist to experience lasting relief and regain peace of body and mind with this traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

₹ 100.00 incl tax


Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Pravahi is a potent detoxifying medicine that cleanses the blood, cures inflammations, brings glow to skin, prevents infection and skin ailments. Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Pravahi is prepared from natural herbal extracts and has no side effects.

₹ 70.00 incl tax


After the process of pregnancy, a woman needs more strength to be able to with stand the post effects like breast feeding. This helps in enhancing the breast milk, skin color, any other gynecological issues.Useful in general debility, weakness & loss of immunity. Different herbs and other materials of ayurvedic importance are refined to form this churna.

₹ 160.00 incl tax


Divya Godhan Ark is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine made by extracting the goodness from gomutra or cow urine. It has multiple benefits and cures a variety of serious ailments. It gives you relief from problems of liver and stomach. It cures eczema, controls diabetes and cancer. Divya Godhan Ark has detoxifying properties which cleanses your system of toxins accumulated from the environment or unhealthy lifestyle. Get holistic cure and experience Ayurvedic healing at its best with Divya Godhan Ark.

₹ 40.00 incl tax


Patanjali Liv Amrit Syrup, is proprietary herbal Ayurvedic medicine form Patanjali Divya Pharmacy. It is a liver tonic and indicated in liver diseases. This medicine is useful in fatty liver, Hepatitis, Loss of appetite, Anemia and jaundice. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

₹ 75.00 incl tax


ShuddhKonch Beej Churna cures male infertility, enhances physical desires and improves sperm count and quality. This medicine is made from konch extracts and has no side effects. Experience the goodness of natural Ayurvedic cure.

₹ 45.00 incl tax