Durex Extended Pleasure Condom

Durex Extended Pleasure Condom contain a special lube called Benzocaine inside the condom that helps the man for longer-lasting sex.
Vendor: RK vender
Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser
₹ 180.00 incl tax
₹ 164.00 incl tax

Salient features of Durex Extended Pleasure Condom:
- Designed with special lube which helps one delay climax and helps extend the intimacy.
- Transparent, lubricated and natural rubber latex condoms
- The product is 100% electronically tested.

Additional features:
- Nominal height: 180 ± 2 mm
- Nominal width: 53 ± 2 mm
- Shape: Straight walled shape and teat ended

How to use:
- Before indulging in sexual activity put the condom on the erect genital just
- The rolling direction should be on the outside.
- Must squeeze the end of the condom before putting it on to release any air trapped inside
- While squeezing the end with one hand, put the condom on top of the genital and roll it with the other.
- Once ejaculation is reached, hold the condom firmly, and take it off carefully to avoid any spillovers.

Safety information:
- Read the instruction manual/information leaflet carefully before use.
- If the user experience irritation, stop the use immediately and visit a doctor if irritation persists.
Along with using it during bathing daily, it should be used every time when there is any chance of vaginal pH imbalance, like every time after urination, after unprotected intercourse, during periods and even during pregnancy.