Equinox Baby Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-BE-55

Information about Equinox Baby Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-BE-55 To keep a tab on your baby’s weight use Equinox EQ-BE-55 digital baby weighing scale. With this scale, you can check your baby’s weight and height from the comfort of your home. This is designed with a large LCD display to read the figure at a glance. This scale has a capacity to weigh up to 25 kilograms. The handy delta weight / height function remembers the weight / height that was recently taken and shows the difference between the current weight / height and the previous weight / height. The low battery and over-load indications are an added advantage. To operate you need to insert four AAA batteries. Features: Large 1.2 inch LCD Display Monitors weight and height Built-in memory for 8 infants with 15 records for each infant Portable device Includes Delta Weight Function meaning it will display the difference between the previously recorded weight / height and current weight / height Low Battery and Overload Indicator Auto-off.
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