ERO Stimulating Clitoris Cream for Women

ERO Stimulating Clitoris Cream contains perfectly balanced essential botanical oils and herbal ingredients. ERO Stimulating Clitoris Cream's special extracts help the flow of blood to the clitoris, increase sensitivity and therefore help a woman feel a greater level of stimulation.
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Manufacturer: ThatsPersonal
₹ 1,795.00 incl tax
₹ 1,299.00 incl tax

Key benefits of ERO Stimulating Clitoris Cream: 
Helps in vitalizing and enhancing pleasure. 
Perfect for women of all ages, especially those who want to feel a greater level of intimacy and stimulation. 
Intensify your lovemaking with the selected essential oils that can stimulate the mind and the body. 
The smoothness helps build up to an intense climax. 
Compatible with condoms. 
Easy to wash. 
Expected product usage is up to 24 Applications. 

Direction for use: 
Simply massage cream on outer labia and clitoris and allow it to take effect. 

Safety information: 
Please read the label carefully before use.