Hamdard Ark Kasni Pack of 2

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Hamdard Arq Kasni is a Unani medicine. Its name is due to its chief ingredient Tukhm. Hamdard Arq Kasni is prepared by aqueous distillation of chicory seeds. Hamdard Arq Kasni is useful in diseases of the liver, excessive thirst, and urinary diseases. It reduces inflammation of the liver and is effective in the treatment of hepatitis.
Benefits of Hamdard Arq Kasni:
Hamdard Arq Kasni is very useful in Swelling and enlargement of liver, warm Jiger (Hepatitis), cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, dropsy, bilious Liver, antiphlogistic (Reducing inflammation or fever), atash (thirst), Suda Haar (a headache), polydipsia (excessive thirst),  painful urination, Burning Micturition.
Directions of use:
Hamdard  Arq Kasni 125 ml. duly mixed with Sharbat Kasni 25 ml or as directed by the physician.
Use under medical supervision.