Cislom 1000mg Injection

Cyclophosphamide (1000mg) Primary uses of : Blood cancer, Breast cancer, Non-small cell lung cancer
Manufacturer: Health Biotech Limited
₹ 117.00 incl tax
Expert advice for Cislom Injection Monitor your blood counts with the help of regular blood tests while on treatment with cyclophosphamide. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience difficulty in urinating, blood in urine or any other bladder/ kidney related problems while on treatment with cyclophosphamide. Do not start treatment with cyclophosphamide if you are planning to receive any vaccine or if you have a surgery scheduled or you have had a surgical removal of the adrenal glands. Take precautions as treatment with cyclophosphamide severely affects your immune system, increasing susceptibility to infections (e.g. pneumonia). Caution must be exercised during use of cyclophosphamide in very ill patients, patients with kidney/liver disorders, lung problems and heart problems (related to QT prolongation and abnormal heartbeats).
Composition Cyclophosphamide (1000mg)
Potentially Unsafe With Lactation
Side Effect Common Vomiting, Nausea, Hair loss, Fever, Blood in urine, Diarrhoea, Decreased white blood cell count (neutrophils).
How to works How Cislom Injection works Cislom 1000mg Injection is an anti-cancer medication with immunosuppressive property. In cancer, it works by damaging the genetic material (DNA and RNA) of the cancer cells, thereby stopping their growth and multiplication.