Healthgenie BPM01 Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor

₹ 999.00 incl tax
Healthgenie BPM01 Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor is designed to measure blood pressure and pulse rate of an individual. It uses Oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. As we know every third person is suffering from blood pressure. Many times it’s hard to find out the ups and down going in blood pressure, to get rid of the problem Healthgenie presents a digital upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor with great accuracy, digital quality, reliability, and credibility. The automatic off in the monitor helps an individual to operate easily. In addition, to get the correct diagnosis at any place at any time this product will act effectively. The monitor works in order to detect blood flow in the artery and convert the flow of digital reading. It does not create any kind of discomfort by undesirable inflation settings.

Salient features of Healthgenie BPM01 Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor:
It is designed with 45.0 x 30.0 mm LCD screen with the large size that easily indicates the result.
Its design is compact and small in size compared to others.
It gives accurate and consistent results with zero digital errors. It provides +/-5% pulse with +/-3mmHg pressure.
This monitor has a good storage capacity, which can store at least 60 records for two people respectively.
It is quite handy, easy to use and easy to maintain.
It is environment friendly, portable in carrying to places.