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SBL Cicaderma Ointment (2...

Also known as Cicaderma Cream Properties Weight40 (gms) Dimensions12 (cm) x 2.7 (cm) x 2.7 (cm) SBL CICADERMA CREAM Antispetic Ointment for cuts, Injuries and Burns

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SBL Cyclix Syrup (180ml)

SBL Cyclix Syrup It is a useful medicine mainly used as a female tonic with uterine troubles, complaints of menses,Bleeding. Indication of SBL Cyclix Syrup Irregular bleeding problems in females during menses. Menses that are profuse or last long Low back pain, general weakness, anaemia, lack of calcium & minerals

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SBL Apis Mel Ointment (25...

Also known as Apis Mel Cream Properties Weight40 (gms) Dimensions12 (cm) x 2.7 (cm) x 2.7 (cm) SBL APIS MELLIFICA OINTMENT For Insect Bites and Piles Apis Mellifica: Swellings after bites; sore, sensitive. Stinging. Carbuncles, with burning, stinging pain, Knee swollen, shiny, sensitive, sore, with stinging pain. Feet swollen and stiff. Swelling or puffing up of various parts, Sensation of stiffness and as of something torn off in the interior of the body. Much prostration.

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SBL Burn Rel Spray (50ml)

Properties Weight96 (gms) Dimensions4.5 (cm) x 4.5 (cm) x 7.2 (cm) SBL Burn Rel Spray Useful for Burns, pains after burns, burning pains. Useful for Injuries, Itching, pain, Urticaria Composition used in SBL Burn Rel Spray Cantharis Q 10% v/v Liquid paraffin 90% v/v

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SBL Kalmegh Drops (30ml)

Properties FormDrops Weight90 (gms) Dimensions90 (cm) x 90 (cm) x 90 (cm) Indications: Indigestion, flatulence, constipation, covers wide range of hepatic and gastric complaints.

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Bakson Pelvi Aid Tablets ...

Properties FormTablet Ideal ForFemale Weight62 (gms) Dimensions4.3 (cm) x 4.3 (cm) x 6.9 (cm) About Pelvi Aid Tablets A highly effective formulation for women suffering from disorders of Reproductive System in particular white discharge (bland or acrid). It helps: Alleviate itching of Vagina. Relieves agony of Pelvic pain. Corrects menstrual irregularities.

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