Jiva Neem Soap

Jiva Neem Soap is enriched with tea tree oil to free your skin from conditions such as pimples, itching, dryness and other skin disorders. Jiva Neem Soap has anti-bacterial properties that tone and nourishes your skin, keeping it healthy and germ-free. And, the long-lasting aromatic fragrance will soothe your mind and body all day long. Jiva Neem Soap uses twice a day for a naturally glowing complexion.
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₹ 120.00 incl tax
₹ 102.00 incl tax

Jiva Neem Soap has Tea tree oil, bergamot, Coconut Olive, Glycerine, Borax & Neem etc.

Directions of use:
Jiva Neem Soap can be regularly used on face and body, as a bath soap.

Jiva Neem Soap can be used for dull complexion, lifeless skin.

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that cleanse the skin pores and keeps them free of infections. Neem tones skin complexion to make it look radiant and beautiful. Jaitoon is a good antioxidant and moisturizing ingredient and can protect against UV damage.


Use under medical supervision.