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Triperidol 0.5mg Tablet

Trifluoperazine (0.5mg) Primary uses of : Schizophrenia

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Johnsons Baby Skincare Wi...

Information about Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes Johnson's baby Skincare Wipes with no more tears formula is mild and gentle to the eyes. They are as mild to skin as pure water since they are made with 97% pure water. Ideal for cleansing during diaper change, these wipes are extra soft with embossed softwave fabric that helps reduce friction and enriched with moisturizing lotion to moisturize and leave a protective layer keeping your baby's skin soft and smooth. Johnson's baby Skincare Wipes has clinically proven mildness, Can be used all over the body, even around the eyes, soap and alcohol free and is ideal for diaper change. Use while changing nappy of babies or for general cleaning of skin.

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One Touch Combo Pack of S...

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Dynacrepe Bandage 10cm

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