Jumper JPD 100B Fetal Doppler

₹ 6,048.00 incl tax
Product description:
Portable fetal doppler
- The ultrasound dosage is under 50% of the national ultrasonic power standard.
- Light Weight,handset,portable
- Large LCD display with blue backlight
- Built-in loudspeaker gives sound more loud and clear
- Support 2Mhz,2.5Mhz,3Mhz waterproof probe ,Accurate FHR detection with clear sound
- Monitor 12 weeks above unborn baby's blood wall pulsate.

Salient features:
- Ultrasound probe: solid and durable, anti-shock, anti-falling down
- Ultrasound frequency: 2/2.5/3 MHz ±3%
- Ultrasound intensity: ?2.5Mw/cm2
- Power: AC 220V 50Hz,Built in 9.6V nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries)
- Weight: Main body 0.25kg
- Temperature: 5?-40?
- Humidity: 0-85%