LP #561CP Elbow Pad Single S

Manufacturer: LP Support
₹ 1,756.00 incl tax
LP #561CP Elbow Pad protection against bruises and friction burns. Made from 75% Coolprene (Neoprene Rubber), 25% Stretch nylon.
Benefits of LP #561CP Elbow Pad: 
LP #561CP Elbow Pad has easy application. 
Molded pads made of the superior Kevlar fibers. 
Breathable Coolprene can keep skin dry and comfortable.
The unique construction of Coolprene helps injuries recover faster.
Available sizes:
S (Measure around the elbow joint-22.9~25.4 cm)
M (Measure around the elbow joint-25.4~27.9 cm)
L (Measure around the elbow joint-27.9~30.5 cm)
XL (Measure around the elbow joint-30.5~33.0 cm)