Daksh Pharma Pvt Ltd

Cetliv 5mg Tablet

Levocetirizine (5mg) Primary uses of : Allergy symptoms

₹ 21.00 incl tax

Cetliv M 5mg/10mg Tablet

Levocetirizine (5mg) + Montelukast (10mg) Primary uses of : Sneezing and runny nose due to allergies

₹ 118.00 incl tax

Daksone 4mg/ml Injection

Dexamethasone (4mg/ml) Primary uses of : Allergy symptoms, Severe allergic reactions, Asthma

₹ 10.40 incl tax

Daze Forte Tablet

Bromelain (90mg) + Trypsin (48mg) + Rutoside (100mg) Primary uses of : Pain relief

₹ 160.00 incl tax

Dazolam-F 0.25mg/20mg Tab...

Alprazolam (0.25mg) + Fluoxetine (20mg) Primary uses of : Depression

₹ 0.00 incl tax

Dazole 40mg Injection

Pantoprazole (40mg) Primary uses of : Acidity, Heartburn, Stomach ulcers

₹ 50.30 incl tax