Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

A Bec L 600 mg/300 mg Tab...

Abacavir (600mg) + Lamivudine (300mg) Primary uses of : HIV infection

₹ 2,950.00 incl tax

A-Bec 300mg Tablet

Abacavir (300mg) Primary uses of : HIV infection

₹ 1,437.47 incl tax

Abiracure 250mg Tablet

Abiraterone Acetate (250mg) Primary uses of : Prostate cancer

₹ 29,000.00 incl tax

Acegaba 300mg Tablet

Gabapentin (300mg) Primary uses of : Neuropathic pain, Seizures

₹ 144.90 incl tax

Acegaba NT 400mg/10mg Tab...

Gabapentin (400mg) + Nortriptyline (10mg) Primary uses of : Neuropathic pain

₹ 0.00 incl tax