Steadfast Medishield Pvt Ltd

AB-Lol 50mg Tablet

Labetalol (50mg) Primary uses of : High blood pressure, Chest pain (Angina)

₹ 77.00 incl tax

Active D Capsule

₹ 92.00 incl tax

Addphos Granules

Sodium acid phosphate (1.936gm) Primary uses of : High calcium levels in the blood, Hyperparathyroidism

₹ 19.00 incl tax

Adferol Capsule

₹ 84.00 incl tax

Aplazar Tablet

Alpha Ketoanalouge (200mg) Primary uses of : Nutritional deficiencies

₹ 304.00 incl tax

Aumento 100mg Injection

Nandrolone (100mg) Primary uses of : Post menopausal osteoporosis

₹ 250.00 incl tax