Aliveon 150mg Tablet

Ursodeoxycholic Acid / Ursodiol (150mg) Primary uses of : Primary biliary cirrhosis, Gallbladder stones
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Expert advice for Aliveon Tablet Aliveon 150mg Tablet should be taken preferably after meals. Do not take antacids that contain aluminum while you are taking the Aliveon 150mg Tablet. This is because antacids decrease the amount of Aliveon 150mg Tablet absorbed by the body. Notify your doctor if you are breast-feeding.
Composition Ursodeoxycholic Acid / Ursodiol (150mg)
Side Effect Common Nausea, Rash, Hair loss, Itching, Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea.
How to works How Aliveon Tablet works Aliveon 150mg Tablet is a hepatoprotective medication. It works by reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood and helps dissolve gall bladder stones that are composed mainly of cholesterol. It also improves liver enzymes, protects liver cells from injury due to toxic bile acids, and improves liver function.