Andreva 75mg Tablet SR

Dehydroepiandrosterone (75mg) Primary uses of : Male hypogonadism
Manufacturer: VIVO Life Science
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Expert advice for Andreva Tablet SR Do consult your doctor before taking dehydroepiandrosterone, if you have a history of heart problems; low blood levels of ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL); diabetes; liver or kidney problems; prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate gland; cancers of breast or uterus; or any mental disorder.Dehydroepiandrosterone is not recommended for use in children and males. Do not take Dehydroepiandrosterone if you are pregnant or breastfeeding t or planning to become pregnant.
Composition Dehydroepiandrosterone (75mg)
Side Effect Common Acne, Hot flashes, Injection site pain, Weight gain, Prostate enlargement, Increased red blood cells.
How to works How Andreva Tablet SR works Andreva 75mg Tablet SR is similar to the natural male hormone testosterone.