Ibdine 5mg Tablet

Ivabradine (5mg) Primary uses of : Chest pain (Angina), Heart failure
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Expert advice for Ibdine Tablet Your doctor has prescribed Ibdine 5mg Tablet to treat heart diseases, especially heart failure or angina (chest pain). Ibdine 5mg Tablet must be taken with food. Notify your doctor if you have a feeling of a heartbeat (palpitations), chest pressure, or shortness of breath. These could be symptoms of an irregular heartbeat caused by Ibdine 5mg Tablet. Monitor your heart rate when taking Ibdine 5mg Tablet as low heart rate is a common side effect. Inform your doctor if you experience symptoms of low heart rate such as dizziness, tiredness, low energy. Monitor your blood pressure when taking Ibdine 5mg Tablet as it can increase your blood pressure. You may experience temporary changes in your vision such as enhanced visual brightness due to sudden changes in light intensity. These changes may occur within the initial 2 months of treatment and should gradually go away.
Composition Ivabradine (5mg)
Side Effect Common Slow heart rate, Headache, Luminous phenomena (Enhanced brightness), Increased blood pressure.
How to works How Ibdine Tablet works Ibdine 5mg Tablet is a heart rate lowering medication. It works by reducing the heart rate which lowers the oxygen requirement of the heart. As a result, heart works more efficiently.