Tob Eye Drop

Tobramycin (0.3% w/v) Primary uses of : Bacterial infections
Manufacturer: Medivision Pharm
₹ 70.00 incl tax
Expert advice for Tob Eye Drop Do not use tobramycin if you are allergic to it or any other component in the formulation. Driving and using machinery should be avoided in cases where tobramycin usage causes dizziness or eye drops cause blurring of vision. Do not mix or dilute your tobramycin with any other medicine in your nebulizer. If you are taking several different treatments for cystic fibrosis, you should take them in the following order: bronchodilator (e.g. salbutamol), then chest physiotherapy, followed by inhaled medicines, and then tobramycin. Do not use contact lenses when on treatment with tobramycin eye drops. If you are using more than one eye drop, keep a gap of at least 5-10 minutes between two different eye drops. Doctor’s advice should be considered in case of patients with following history of disease conditions: neuromuscular disorders such as parkinsonism, myasthenia gravis (characterized by movement disorders and/or muscle weakness); coughing up blood in your sputum; kidney problem. Inform your doctor if you have ever experienced in the past: ringing in ears, any other problems with hearing, dizziness while taking tobramycin.
Composition Tobramycin (0.3% w/v)
Side Effect Common Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Skin rash, Hearing loss, Balance disorder (loss of balance).
How to works How Tob Eye Drop works Tob Eye Drop is an antibiotic. It kills bacteria by inhibiting synthesis of essential proteins, required by bacteria to carry out vital functions.