Zenflox-Uti Tablet

Ofloxacin (200mg) + Flavoxate (200mg) Primary uses of : Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma Ltd
₹ 169.40 incl tax
Composition Ofloxacin (200mg) + Flavoxate (200mg)
Potentially Unsafe With Alcohol
Side Effect Common Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach pain, Dizziness, Headache.
How to works How Zenflox-Uti Tablet works Zenflox-Uti Tablet is a combination of two medicines: Ofloxacin and Flavoxate which treat urinary tract infections. Ofloxacin is an antibiotic which kills bacteria by preventing them from reproducing and repairing themselves. Flavoxate is anti-spasmodic. It works by relaxing muscles of the urinary bladder and prevents frequent, urgent or uncontrolled urination, and relieves associated pain.