Natures Velvet Lifecare Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract 400mg Capsule

Manufacturer: Natures Velvet Lifecare
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Nature's Velvet Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract 400mg capsule is a natural herbal formulation that helps manage weight naturally. Multiple research studies have highlighted the positive effect of chlorogenic acid, the key constituent in green coffee on metabolism and weight loss. It has been clinically proven that chlorogenic acid inhibits release of glucose into the bloodstream. It interferes with the absorption of starch, improves metabolism by increasing the rate at which your body burns fat and restricts craving for junk foods.

Key benefits of Nature's Velvet Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract 400mg capsule:
Works as an appetite suppressant.
Helps to stop the body from increasing the fat deposits already present. Simultaneously help to increase metabolism so that more fat is burned.
Promote a healthier and faster metabolism.
Loaded with antioxidants.
No artificial colour, flavours, or preservatives.

The direction for use:
Take one capsule 30 minutes before the meal with lukewarm water. 1-2 times a day or as suggested by the healthcare professional.

Safety Information:
Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 years of age and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a healthcare practitioner before using any dietary supplement.

Use under medical supervision.