Natures Velvet Lifecare Guduchi Pure Extract 500mg Capsule

Manufacturer: Natures Velvet Lifecare
₹ 639.00 incl tax
Nature's Velvet Guduchi Pure Extract 500mg capsule contains Guduchi (Tinspora cordifolia). Guduchi is extremely useful in boosting up the function of the defensive white blood cells which are known as macrophages and improves the defense system against various infections.

Key benefits of Nature's Velvet Guduchi Pure Extract 500mg capsule:
Can be used as a diuretic.
Used to treat loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and gastric disorders.
Prevent any liver infection.
It also helps to maintain healthy body temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels which are already within normal limits.
Helps to purify blood and provides healthy skin.

The direction of use:
Take 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

Safety information:
Pregnant, nursing women or individual taking any medications, consult the doctor before use.

Use under medical supervision.