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Adel Pekana Adel 83 (Bron...

Properties FormSyrup Weight270 (gms) Dimensions5.2 (cm) x 5.2 (cm) x 13.9 (cm) FOR TREATMENT OF COUGH INCLUDING WHOOPING COUGH, BRONCHIAL AND OTHER RESPIRATORY PATHWAY, INFECTIONS AND ASTHMA ADEL 83 (BRONCHI-PERTU) syrup is indicated for bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough and other infections of the breathing passageways. It stimulates excretion of toxins that cause symptoms such as a dry cough with stabbing pains and pus, emphysema and headaches. In addition, this medication functions as a natural plant antimicrobial without the side effects. ADEL 83 (BRONCHI-PERTU) syrup also can help patients who suffer from inherited weakness of the local mucous membranes, such as asthmatics and those prone to severe whooping cough. Practitioners must be aware that continuous bronchial infections indicate a serious ongoing intoxification that requires an exact diagnosis and prompt treatment to prevent the eventual development of asthma.

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