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Adven Rheumax Tablet

Properties FormTablet Ideal For Ingredient BaseHomeopathic FormShampoo Type Weight100 (gms) Dimensions4.9 (cm) x 4.5 (cm) x 7.3 (cm) Indications of Adven Rheumax Tablet : Rheumax Tablets are indicated in cases of rheumatism, osteoarthritis, sciatica and stiffness in different parts of body.

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Basic Ayurveda Joint Pain...

Properties FormSyrup Ideal ForMale, Female Weight576 (gms) Dimensions9.4 (cm) x 9.4 (cm) x 18 (cm) Terms and Conditions We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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Dabur Rheumatil Tablets

Rheumatil Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Arthritis, Lowering High Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis, Inflammatory Disorders, Diarrhea, Inflammation and other conditions. Rheumatil Tablet contains Boswellia Serrata, Commiphora Wightii, Paederia Foetida, Rasna Patti, and Vitex Negundo as active ingredients. Rheumatil Tablet works by decreasing the hepatic steroid production; decreasing inflammation; showing the hepatoprotective activity; exhibiting the anti-inflammatory activity; inhibiting intestinal motility; possessing the anti-inflammatory activity; scavenging the free reactive oxygen species; possessing cyclooxygenase -2 inhibition; inhibiting the release of prostaglandins

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Dr. Reckeweg R11 (Lumbagi...

Also known as R 11 Properties FormDrops Weight69 (gms) Dimensions3 (cm) x 3 (cm) x 9 (cm) Indications of Dr. ReckewegR11 Acute and chronic myalgia, lumbago, rheumatic diathesis after effects of drenchings, sprains, overstraining. Back pains of unknown genesis. Growing pains in muscles and bones. Sciatica from getting wet, from sitting on cold seat and suppressed perspirations. Chronic articular rheumatism with deformations. Spondylarthritis, spondylosis, sacroiliac arthritis. Rheumatic aches (muscles, articulations, ligaments) growing worse with change of temperature (humidity).

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Himalaya Muscle and Joint...

Properties FormOintment Weight30 (gms) Dimensions12.5 (cm) x 2.5 (cm) x 3 (cm) About Muscle and Joint Rub Muscle and Joint Rub is highly effective for backaches, muscular sprains and joint pain. Enriched with Sweet Flag, Castor Oil, Red Pepper and Spearmint, it alleviates swelling, sprains and muscle and joint inflammation. Key ingredients of Muscle and Joint Rub Red Pepper contains pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents, which soothe sprains. Five-Leaved Chaste Tree leaves reduce joint swelling in arthritis, and its extract is an excellent pain reliever. The counter-irritant properties of Spearmint are useful in treating muscle and joint inflammation. Tasmanian Blue Gum Tree Oil and Sesame Oil are known to be potent pain relievers. They also help reduce joint swelling. Holy Basil possesses anti-inflammatory properties which significantly reduce inflammation and alleviate joint swelling. Sweet Flag improves blood circulation and alleviates swelling. It relieves pain and inflammation. The counter-irritant properties of Castor Oil alleviate joint pain associated with rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Black Pepper relieves pain and reduces nerve inflammation. Musk Root Oil extract is an effective sedative for the nerves. Indications of Muscle and Joint Rub Muscle & Joint Rub is useful in relieving: Sprains Minor contrusions Painful and inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints Directions for use of Muscle and Joint Rub Massage gently over the affected area. Simultaneous hot water fomentation provides optimal results. Warning Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Terms and Conditions We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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