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Nicotex 2mg Chewing Gums ...

Information about Nicotex 2mg Chewing Gums Tin Box Mint Plus Nicotex 2mg Chewing Gum contains Nicotine 2mg. Key benefits of Nicotex 2mg Chewing Gum: It helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking/chewing tobacco. The direction for use: Step 1: Chew it slowly till you get the taste of Nicotine. Step 2: Place it between the cheek and gums. Step 3: When the taste fades, repeat step 1. Safety information: In case of over consumption of nicotine gums than recommended or, in case, a child has chewed or swallowed some, then contact a doctor immediately. Note: The general symptoms of nicotine overdose include headache, sickness, diarrhoea and stomach pain. Use under medical supervision.

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