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Patanjali Swet Musli Churna is known as the herbal Viagra. It rejuvenates the reproductive system, Boosts the strength and stamina. Useful in general debilit weakness and loss immunity .

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Patanjali Youvan Churna Powder works by increasing regenerative fluids; increasing testosterone level and sexual desire; treating a number of ailments; treating the various diseases; rejuvenating the reproductive system; acting against yeasts and moulds; showing antimicrobial activities; enhancing the immune system and also treats other ailments; calming the brain, reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure and altering the immune system; showing antimicrobial activity; reducing the gastrointestinal motility; activating the phagocytic activity; initiating the antiviral activities; possessing radical scavenging activity; regulating the blood pressure; possessing analgesic effect due to the cannabinoids components; reducing the extent of the spasticity; showing positive effect in the treatment of refractory schizophrenia due to tetrahydrocannabinol component; possessing analgesic and antiinflammatory properties; controlling the cholesterol and blood sugar levels; reducing gingival inflammation and plaque; increasing the blood sugar level; improving the insulin production; raising the glucose tolerance; possessing the hypotension, diuresis action; possessing the antioxidant activity; possessing the anticancer activity; possessing the antimicrobial action; possessing the antiinflammatory action;

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