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SBL Diaboherb Capsules

Properties FormCapsule Weight100 (gms) Dimensions8.5 (cm) x 6 (cm) x 8.5 (cm) Indications of Diaboherb: Increased Blood sugar levels.

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SBL Diaboherb Syrup

Properties FormSyrup Weight370 (gms) Dimensions5.3 (cm) x 5.3 (cm) x 14.4 (cm) Indications: Maturity - Onset Diabetes Mellitus (MOD) or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus(NIDDM) Composition: Each 5ml contains extract of: Coccinia indica (Kanduri Fruit) Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar leaves) Eugenia jambolana (Jamun beej) Each 12.5% Abroma augusta linn (Ulatkamble leaf) Crataegus oxyacantha (Ban sangli fruit) Each 12.5% Excipient q.s

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