REPL Dr. Advice No.32 Catarina Drop

₹ 136.00 incl tax
Indication: Cataract with motor disturbances, Sensation as if everything were covered with a mist or veil, or dust, or something pulled tightly over eyes.

Each 5 ml. Contains
Calcarea Fl. - 30X  0.75 ml
Calcarea Phos  - 30X  0.75 ml
Causticum  - 30X  0.75 ml
Silicea  - 30X  0.75 ml
Colchicum  - 30X  0.50 ml
Cannabis Ind  - 30X  0.50 ml
Thiosinamine  - 30X  0.50 ml
Phosphorus  - 30X  0.50 ml

 Mode of Action
Calcarea Fluorica 30x: Cataract, Flickering and sparks before the eyes.
Calcarea Phosporica 30x: Lachrymation, Cataract, Sensation in the eyes as if something in if.
Causticum 30x: Dark nets which seems to dance before the eyes. Lights and sparks before the     eyes.
Silicea 30x: Objects seems to be pals, when reatting.
Colchicum 30x: Pupil much dilated only slightly sensitive to light.
Cannabis Indica 30x: Letters run to get her when reading.
Thiosinaminum 30x:  Opacities of cornea cataract.
Phosphorus 30x: Clouded sight by candle light Cataract viridis.

Use under medical supervision.