Sahacharadi Thailam 100ml is an ayurvedic herbal oil used in Vata imbalance disorders, muscle and joint stiffness and convulsions. It helps to relieve rhinitis and sinusitis.It is useful in gynaecological disorders. It is used orally and also for massage.
Manufacturer: DIVYA
₹ 180.00 incl tax
Dosage: As directed by the Physician.
Indications: Useful in vata vyadhi, kampa, yoni roga.


 How to use

It is used for massage.
Orally, it is used in the dose of 3 – 5 ml, once or twice a day, before food with warm water or warm milk, or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

In gynaecological disorders, it is also used for vaginal douche.
It is used in many Ayurvedic treatments such as Basti (Rectal enema), Greeva Basti, Janu Basti etc.