Zolicalm 10mg Tablet

Zolpidem (10mg) Primary uses of : Insomnia
Manufacturer: Sbeed Pharmaceuticals
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Expert advice for Zolicalm Tablet Your doctor has prescribed Zolicalm 10 mg Tablet to help you fall asleep faster and sleep for longer. Take Zolicalm 10 mg Tablet once while going to bed and do not repeat in the same night. Not for long-term use as it can be habit-forming. Along with taking Zolicalm 10 mg Tablet, follow simple tips to establish a sleep routine: Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day; avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, or consuming coffee/tea four to six hours before going to bed; avoid large meal before bedtime; do not exercise right before going to bed; make sure the bedroom is quiet and dark; avoid daytime nap. Do not abruptly stop the medicine if you have been regularly using it.
Composition Zolpidem (10mg)
Potentially Unsafe With Alcohol
Side Effect Common Side Effects of Zolicalm are Sleepiness, Dizziness, Uncoordinated body movements, Memory impairment, Nervousness, Headache.
How to works How Zolicalm Tablet works Zolicalm 10 mg Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called sedative-hypnotics. It works by slowing activity of the nerve cells in the brain and helps fall asleep.