SBL 114 Female Care Kit for Irregular Periods (Combo OF 3)

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt Ltd
₹ 315.00 incl tax
Sbl'S Female Care Kit For Irregular Periods contains SBL utrofyne syrup, SBL Ferrumsip.

SBL utrofyne syrup
SBL utrofyne syrup is indicated for the menstrual problem is women. A clinically proven homeopathic product consisting of ingredients like Janosia asoka Q, china officinalis Q, Abroma auguist q etc to treat symptoms of menstrual irregularities 
When menstrual cycle gets disturbed, it leads to irregular bleeding.Utrofyne is a unique combination of homeopathic medicines to regularize menstrual cycles and to alleviate symptoms associated with periods. Irregular, profuse menstruation (Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia) and associated symptoms like a backache and feeling tired.

SBL Ferrumsip
SBL Ferrumsip improves the absorption of iron in the food thereby increasing hemoglobin and removing weakness. 

Use under medical supervision.