SBL Drops No 8 For Allergic Rhinitis

Properties Weight87 (gms) Dimensions3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 9.5 (cm) Drops No 8 For Allergic Rhinitis Allergic Rhinitis is a common manifestation of allergic diseases. Inflammation of nasal passage due to an allergen. Commonly seen symptoms includes: watery nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, watering of eyes and many more depending upon person to person. Indications of Drops No 8 For Allergic Rhinitis Nasal Discharge, excessive sneezing, Itching, Irritation in nose, throat, watering of eyes. Nasal obstruction and headache.
Manufacturer: SBL Pvt Ltd
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Action of composition used in Drops No 8 For Allergic Rhinitis
Allium Cepa 3x: profuse watery, acrid nasal discharge with sneezing and discharge from nose excoroating the nose and upper lip

Euphrasia offi 3x: Fluent Coryza with obstruction of nose, at night. Violent Coryza with abundant secretion of mucus and corrosive tears in eyes.

Sabadilla 3x: Continuous sneezing, watery Coryza, Eyelids red and burning.

Solidago Vir 3x: Sneezing with watery, burning and stinging pains in eyes.

Dosage of Drops No 8 For Allergic Rhinitis
Adults: 10 drops

Children: 5 drops

in 1/4th cup of water 4 times a day or as precribed by the physician.

Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.