Willmar Schwabe India Aconitum Pentarkan

Manufacturer: Willmar Schwabe India
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Also known as
Aconite Ptk

Weight80 (gms)
Dimensions4 (cm) x 4 (cm) x 7.7 (cm)
About Aconitum Pentarkan
Effectively controls common cold and associated symptoms

Controls complaints due to exposure to cold weather, or change of weather
Relieves fever with restlessness and shivering
Effectively controls headache with heaviness of eyelids, musc
Composition of Aconitum Pentarkan
Each tablet of 250 mg contains:

Aconitum napellus 3x 25 mg: Mucous membrane dry, nose stopped up; dry or with but scanty watery coryza.

Belladonna 3x 25 mg: Pain, fullness, especially in forehead, also occiput, and temples. Boring of head into pillow; drawn backward and rolls from side to side. Pain worse light, noise, jar, lying down and in afternoon.

Bryonia alba 3x 25 mg: Dryness, sticking on swallowing, scraped and constricted. Tough mucus in larynx and trachea, loosened only after much hawking; worse coming into warm room.

Ferrum phosphoricum 2x 25 mg: First stage of colds in the head. Predisposition to colds. Congestions of lungs. Hemoptysis. Short, painful tickling cough. Croup. Hard, dry cough, with sore chest.

Gelsemium sempervirens 3x 25 mg: Sneezing; fullness at root of nose. Watery, excoriating discharge. Acute coryza, with dull headache and fever.

Lactose Q.S.

Direction of use of Aconitum Pentarkan
Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, at the beginning of the complaints, take 1 to 2 tablets hourly, and once the acute complaints start to subside, take 1-2 tablets thrice daily. Children are to receive 1 tablet every two hours in the acute stage, then 1 tablet thrice daily. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

Side effects: No side effects of Aconite Pentarkan [WSI] are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Aconite Pentarkan [WSI] are known.

Interactions: No interactions between Aconite Pentarkan [WSI] and other products are known.