Zenith Nutrition Ginseng 500mg Capsule

Zenith Nutrition Ginseng 500mg capsules contains ginseng (root). Ginseng is a shrub with a very large root system. It contains two groups of glycosides-paraquat and panaxin—which help the body correct itself. Ginseng is being promoted as an adaptogen—an agent that increases overall resistance to the adverse effects of stress.
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Manufacturer: Medizen Labs Pvt. Ltd.
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Key Benefits of Zenith Nutrition Ginseng 500mg capsules:
It posssesses aphrodisiac (stimulant) properties.
It also acts as a stress reliever.
It is used to promote vitality.

Direction for use:
Take two capsules daily, preferably with food.

Safety information:
Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women. In case of high blood pressure, consult healthcare professional before taking it.