Feminine Hygiene

VWash Plus Intimate Hygie...

Vwash plus Intimate Hygiene Wash liquid is an expert in understanding your intimate hygiene needs. Its unique lactic acid formulation maintains the pH balance of your intimate area, thereby keeping vaginal discomforts at bay.

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Inlife Vash Vaginal Wash

Inlife Vash vaginal wash contains nimba leaf, kanyasara, vetasamla, sphatika. It is specially formulated for the vaginal area can be ineffective against odour-causing bacteria. It is the best feminine wash as it provides long lasting freshness.

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Veeon Sanitary Napkins

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Sannap Menstrual Cup (Sma...

SanNap Menstrual Cup is the most modern re-usable intimate hygiene product for girls and women.

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Inlife VT-Gel

Inlife VT-Gel (Vaginal Tightening Gel) is effective in tightening the vaginal walls and rejuvenating the delicate part of your body. Inlife VT-Gel contains nimba leaf, kanyasara, sandal wood oil and sphatika. Containing Sandal Wood Oil and Aloe Vera extracts, the gel is designed to help prevent the vagina from drying up. Because of the anti-bacterial property of Neem extracts, it is deemed to maintain hygiene, prevent bad odor and harmful bacteria from growing in the vaginal area.

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Sannap Disposal Bags

SanNap Disposal bags are the specially designed product that offers a practical solution for the disposal of intimate & sanitary products like sanitary pads, diapers, condoms, tampons, and panty liners.

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