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Amway Nutrilite CH Balanc...

Amway Nutrilite CH Balance Softgels Information about Amway Nutrilite CH Balance Softgels Nutrilite CH Balance Soft-gelatin capsules help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It contains Catechins and theaflavins. Nutrilite CH Balance is a naturally sourced green tea extract that has been formulated to deliver two different phytonutrients in each softgel Catechins & theaflavins

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Bakson Liv Aid Syrup

Properties FormSyrup Weight610 (gms) Dimensions7.5 (cm) x 7.5 (cm) x 19.3 (cm) About Liv Aid Syrup A complete Liver tonic: For Sluggish Liver or Liver malfunctioning. Medicine of choice for Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of liver & Jaundice. Associated symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite and pain in abdomen.

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Medisynth Jondila Syrup

Properties Ingredient BaseHomeopathic FormOil TypeAnti Hairfall, Anti Dandruff FormSyrup Weight401 (gms) Dimensions5.7 (cm) x 5.6 (cm) x 16 (cm) About Jondila Syrup A distinct product with beneficial effect as a restorative, regenerative & protective agent in a wide spectrum of hepatic & gastric complaints. It aids digestion & improves appetite. Acts as a best restorative tonic in general convalescence.

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Planet Ayurveda Yakrit Pl...

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SBL Liv T Tonic

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Willmar Schwabe India Alp...

Properties FormSyrup Weight237 (gms) Dimensions5 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 13.3 (cm) About Alpha Liv (Liver Tonic) For fast and effective response in liver disorders Has direct action on the liver and portal system Stimulates liver functions Indicated in fatty liver and sluggish liver Useful as supportive therapy in hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage Also useful in infantile jaundice Indicated in liver problems due to alcohol abuse Improves digestion Controls nausea and vomiting

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