REPL Dr. Advice No 16

Properties FormDrops Weight50 (gms) Dimensions3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 8.6 (cm) Dr. Advice No. 16 (Amblyopia) Composition (Ingredients) Calcarea Carbonicaostrearum 30x Phosphorus 30x Physostigma Venenosum Q Cinchona (China) officinalis Q Aurum Metallicum 6x Jaborandi Q Silicea 6x Cyclemen Europaeum 6x Gelsemium Sempervirens 6x
Manufacturer: REPL
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Flashes of light, Muscae volitantes, twitching of colourmuscles. Photophobia, contraction of pupils. Partial blindness. Spasm of ciliary muscle with irritability after using eyes.

Mode of Action
Calcarea Carbonicaostrearum 30x: Sensitive to light, Lachrymation in open air and early morning.
Phosphorus 30x: Lachrymation especially in open air. Amblyopic weakness of sight on walking in morning.
Physostigma Venenosum Q: Eyes feels weak with lechery motion. Sight blurred.
Cinchona (China) officinalis Q: Pressure in eyes.
Aurum Metallicum 6x: Extreme photophobia.
Jaborandi Q: Vision changing constantly. Vision lost for distant objects.
Silicea 6x: Vision confused letter run together on reading.
Cyclemen Europaeum 6x: Dim Vision, Flickering of various colors.
Gelsemium Sempervirens 6x: Aversion to light, Thirst for light, confusion of sight.
10 to 15 Drops with 1/4th cup water 3-4 times daily after meal.

Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.